Music enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Warrington is celebrating its first ever Music Month with live performances throughout the next five weeks. Organised by Warrington BID and a number of other partners, these live music events will showcase the very best in talent and diversity of the local music scene, offering something for every taste and preference.

Whether you’re into rock, jazz, pop, or indie, you’ll find something to move to this May; from intimate acoustic sets to high-energy performances, the lineup promises to serenade audiences and create unforgettable memories – and we can’t wait to play our part.

Time Square will host to one of the most anticipated events of the calendar, Proms in the Square, on Sunday, May 26th, from 2pm to 9pm. After last year’s success, it promises to once again offer an impressive showcase of musical talent from local communities alongside professional musicians from across the region (all in the backdrop of our beloved Time Square, of course).

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the sounds of Manchester-based powerhouse, The Untold Orchestra, as they take centre stage alongside some very special guests. Renowned for their captivating performances, The Untold Orchestra seamlessly blend classical music with contemporary flair, giving audiences a symphonic experience like no other.

Adding to the excitement are the energetic Twisted Tubes, a brass ensemble known for their dynamic renditions of popular classics and modern hits. Their infectious energy and innovative arrangements are sure to have you tapping your feet and swaying to the beat.

There will also be the Katumba Drummers, an award-winning percussion ensemble whose pulsating rhythms and vibrant performances never fail to captivate audiences of all ages. With their roots in Brazilian samba and Afro-Brazilian traditions, they bring a unique and exhilarating sound to whatever stage they are on.

And let’s not forget the ever-majestic Warrington Brass Band, a local favourite known for their stirring renditions of traditional brass band repertoire. With a rich history spanning over a century, the Warrington Brass Band continues to uphold the proud tradition of brass band music in the North West, delighting audiences with their impeccable musicianship and infectious enthusiasm.

But the festivities in Time Square don’t end with the music.

Throughout the month, visitors can explore our vibrant market and cinema, indulge in delicious dining options and soak up the lively atmosphere that defines our dynamic destination.

As we bid farewell to April showers and welcome the warmth of May, there’s no better place to be than Time Square.

So, come join us as we kickstart the month with music, laughter, and an experience like no other.

Keep eyes on our socials for more information about upcoming events and happenings in Time Square and check out the full lineup of Music Month events at Warrington BID’s website.